Siminetti joins Plastiks to fight plastic pollution

Siminetti joins Plastiks to fight plastic pollution

Luxurious, fashionable and sustainable are three words to describe Siminetti, creators of the world’s finest Mother of Pearl surfaces. They create tiles and mosaics withunique designs, using shells from the food and pearl business that would have otherwise been discarded. And now, they’ve partnered with Plastiks to fight plastic pollution alongside their clients.

Sustainable and luxury surfaces 

Siminetti is a British company based in Chipping Campden with representation in sixcontinents, supporting some of the world’s most luxurious commercial and residential projects. They work with leading interior designers, architects and private individuals to offer freshwater and Saltwater Mother of Pearl luxury mosaics and decorative panels in a range of colors, styles and patterns.Their saltwater pearl is sourced from Pacific communities who depend on sustainable relationships with ocean lagoons. The shells are biproducts from the food and pearl industry, which Siminetti sources directly, using shells that would otherwise be discarded. With the mission statement “To continually create inspirational luxury surfaces, that are crafted with passion, viewed with awe and are kind to the planet on which we live.”, sustainable sourcing for materials is a top priority. Siminetti decided to take it a step further by partnering with Plastiks to support the recovery of plastic waste from the environment.

Siminetti chose to sponsor recovery project Second Life  

Removing plastic waste from the ocean and preventing more plastic waste from ending up in the environment is key to ensuring local biodiversity of species and preserving a balanced marine life. Since Siminetti uses material from the ocean, it made sense to support Second Life, as they operate largely in coastal communities.Second Life is a recovery project based in Southern Thailand that teams up with coastal communities to collect plastic waste from the sea. They invest in processing tools, such as bailing machines, provide education and income opportunities to local precarious minorities, such as the Moken, an ethnic group of semi nomadic fishing people who collect plastic waste in the Andaman Sea. By collecting plastic waste, the Moken are not only ensuring the maintenance of biodiversity in the oceans, but they’re also making sure they have a higher quality of life within a cleaner environment. “Our collaboration with Plastiks represents an additional and powerful step in our joint goals of sustainability and regeneration. In conjunction with Plastiks and our chosen project, Second Life, we have a unique opportunity to reveal the value of plastic, share this with our clients and make a direct impact in stopping ocean plastic pollution. The NFTs allow our clients to directly contribute to the global fight against plastic waste and improve the lives of the people on the ground. I am immensely proud that Siminetti is able to work with these groups through this fantastic project". - Simon Powell, CEO & Founder of SiminettiRead more: Siminetti Business case

How does the collaboration work? 

There are different ways for companies to collaborate with Plastiks, Siminetti chose to sponsor the recovery of 1 kg of plastics for every square meter of product sold.Meaning, when a client, such as architects, interior designers or decoration companies, purchase tiles and mosaics from Siminetti, they’ll be informed about how they’re also collaborating with the conservation of the Pacific Coast.It’s a loop, and all the different stakeholders are working together towards the same cause. Siminetti’s clients have a significant reason for continuing to buy the company’s products, to the detriment of its competitors. Making them an important part of a circular economy system. “Plastiks allows us to take immediate and verifiable action against plastic pollution in underprivileged countries, thus having a direct positive impact on protecting the world we live in.” – Simon PowellBy taking action in an immediate and verifiable way through Plastiks, Siminetti is demonstrating to their customers that they have the power to choose a company that takes responsibility for their environmental impact.

How to connect your business with Plastiks 

Every company is unique and requires a solution fit for their specific need. Learn more about the different opportunities and how your business can collaborate with Plastiks. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll discuss the different options for you and your business.Read more: Plastiks for businesses