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We introduce the PLASTIK token, the digital currency that funds the recovery of waste while generating profit. Every time plastic is recovered and recycled, the token’s worth scales up. Ready to create a positive impact?
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Let's talk utility

This is not about hype, it’s about utility. The PLASTIK token ensures transparent plastic recovery, funding our certified entities worldwide to clean the environment.

Transparency as a lifestyle

Legitimacy is our flagship. Through blockchain technology, the PLASTIK token ensures that our entities comply and effectively use their funds for plastic recovery and recycling.

Gain with ethics

Plastiks incentivizes its certified entities to be truthful in their reporting and operations. Recovery entities go through a strict verification process, and are constantly under audit to provide transparent information.
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Be a part of a positive change

Our PLASTIK token embodies these core principles.
Learn more or get started with PLASTIK on our website at Plastiks.io. Together we can build a future with less plastic waste through the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Ready to create a positive impact?
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01 Transparency
02 Traceability
03 Environmental Impact
04 Utility-Focused
05 Innovation
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