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We verify that plastic is recovered from the environment and recycled, creating Plastic Credits to prove it. The funds generated from the sale of plastic credits are used to recover more plastic and have a positive environmental and social impact.
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Business models with Plastic Credits


Combine plastic credits with each ticket purchase. Consumers accessing events can recover plastic with every ticket bought.  

Customized Campaigns

Combine plastic credits with your products or services to recover plastic with every transaction.

eCommerce widget

During the checkout process, consumers have the chance to contribute to plastic waste recovery at the time of payment.

Digital Collectibles

Combine Plastic Credits with unique digital collectibles that offer special rewards.
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The benefits for your sustainable company

Generate creative business ideas to boost revenue, enhance competitiveness, and foster sustained growth for improved financial stability.
Immediate and verified action against plastic pollution is the core of protecting the environment.
Support Sustainable Development Goals beyond just profits. Collaborative efforts ensure you exceed benchmarks in environmental and social responsibility.
Demonstrate transparent communication to build a strong narrative, enhance your brand's reputation, and leave a lasting impression on conscious customers.

Recycle. Track. Profit.

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