Empower plastic recovery entities

We address the need for an efficient solution to plastic recovery. The following are benefits of our groundbreaking approach for recovery entities.

Environmental Impact

Increase activity and recovery of plastic.
Improve infrastructure and capacity.
Acquire new machines and equipment.
Open new recovery locations.

Social Impact

Generate employment for people with few job opportunities.
Promote social dignity and inclusion in the community.
Provide education on recycling and circular economy.
Improve the living conditions of the people recovering plastic.

Our Certification Journey


Understanding the Entity

We communicate with them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their operations and seeks compliance with the minimum requirements.

The Accreditation Questionnaire

Once suitable for Plastiks' certification, the entity undergoes an Accreditation Process involving a thorough audit. This ensures genuine efforts in plastic recovery and recycling while complying with local and international regulations.

Maximizing Impact

After passing the Accreditation Process and receiving certification from Plastiks' Protocol Department, it is crucial to determine how the plastic credits' proceeds will be used. To ensure transparency, the entity designs a roadmap that publicly outlines what they plan to do with the proceeds, from purchasing new material to raising awareness.

Collaboration and Accountability

After approval, Plastiks sets the type of evidence the entity will provide once the funds are utilized. This collaborative approach aligns Plastiks and the entity for sustainable plastic recovery with.

Catalyzing Positive Change

Upon successfully auditing the plastic recovery entity and finalizing the roadmap, the entity creates its profile on the platform. The shared information aims to boost transparency and accountability.

Our Recovery Entities

We address the need for an efficient solution to plastic recovery. If you wish to know more about the true heroes behind plastic recovery and recycling around the world, click on the button below.
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