We are a green tech company that verifies the recovery and recycling of plastic using blockchain technology. Plastiks connects companies with recovery entities around the world to fight plastic pollution.
André Vanyi-Robin
CEO and Founder
Ana Aguilar
Operations Director
Daniel García
Agustin Borthwick
Governance & Protocol Manager
Delfina Achinelly
Environmental Management
Trym Lyngset
Platform Support: CPO
Belén Victoria
B2B Growth Manager
Nerea Larrachea
Data Analyst
Beliratu Botwey
Accounting & Operations
Cristian Cortés
Account Manager
Laura Amador
Platform Support: UX/UI Specialist
Pietro Saveri
Brand Designer
Lisa Heffernan
Social Media Manager
Sergi Galli
Governance & Protocol Specialist

Amplify your SDGs with Plastiks: Taking action for sustainable recovery

6. Clean water and sanitation

We help to improve water quality by reducing pollution and eliminating plastic waste dumping, minimizing the release of chemicals into waterways.

Our purpose

1. Shaping a Sustainable Future
2. Empowering Plastic Recovery Entities
3. Promoting Transparency and Accountability
4. Educating and Inspiring Action
5. Making every purchase decision count

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