5 benefits of connecting your business with Plastiks

December 15, 2023
5 benefits of connecting your business with Plastiks

By now, most of you know the benefits of recovering plastic from the environment. But plastic recovery does not only benefit the environment and local communities – it can also benefit your business!  You can strengthen your brand reputation, connect with your customers and generate a new source of income by attracting new customers that are looking for sustainable solutions. In this article we have summarized and explained 5 benefits of connecting your business with Plastiks.

1. Meet your Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are part of the 2030 Agenda, which consists of 17 goals. The goals were established by the UN in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

A new study from Global Reposting Initiative has revealed that four-in-five companies include a commitment in their sustainability reports to the SDGs. However, less than half have set measurable targets for how to reach these goals. The study shows that only 40% of companies actually set measurable commitments for how they will achieve their SDGs.

Plastiks helps your company demonstrate it's commitment to SDG goals 1, 11, 12, 14, and 15, by reducing plastic waste in the environment. You can set measurable targets and track the plastic recovered by your company.

2. Share your verifiable impact to demonstrate your commitment to your customers

Today, many consumers care about sustainability, social responsibility and animal welfare. Customers demand companies to take action, and do so in a genuine and truthful way. No one likes to be deceived and tricked into buying something perceived as sustainable, when in reality, it’s not.

A study from 2022 shows that there is a growing trust gap between consumers and corporations when it comes to sustainability. Only 38% of US consumers that were surveyed tend to trust corporations when they claim authentic commitments to environmental sustainability. This is because of several uncovered incidents of greenwashing.  

That’s why transparency is key when taking action towards environmental issues.  

The Plastiks marketplace offers a real time dashboard, with every kg of plastic recovered being tracked, traced and used for recycling. Using blockchain technology, all information and every transaction is transparent. Your customers can easily access your sustainability dashboard and see the exact amount of plastic recovered by your brand, what type of plastic and the time it was recovered.

3. Strengthen your brand reputation

Having a strong brand reputation is essential for any business to succeed. A good reputation conveys that a company is reliable and respected, and customers have confidence in their products and services. This trustworthiness leads to a positive customer experience and increases brand loyalty. Furthermore, having a good brand reputation can help a business build relationships with stakeholders, increase their visibility and attract new customers. It’s important for companies to focus on creating a positive brand image that reflects their values and mission. This can be done through effective communication, strong customer service and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. When customers feel good about being associated with a brand, it can be a powerful tool for creating a sustainable and successful business.

By collaborating with Plastiks you show your commitment to sustainability and share your positive impact with your community in an open and verifiable system. This shows your customers that you are actively making a continuous effort to remove plastic from the environment.  

4. Develop customer loyalty by connecting with customers on Plastiks marketplace

Customer loyalty is developed in many ways, but the core of customer loyalty is that they associate your brand with positive experiences. This could be, if they are offered great customer service, feel connected to your brands’ values and mission, or if you offer consistently high product quality.

Research has shown that today’s consumers, especially Gen Z and Millenials, are highly value-driven in their shopping choices, and sustainability is one of their top priorities. By taking verifiable action through Plastiks, you show your customers that you share their values and are committed to creating a more sustainable future.  

By collaborating with Plastiks you can also empower your customers to participate by allowing direct actions on your website. By doing so, you show that your brand is not only doing something good for the environment, but is enabling and encouraging your customers to recover even more plastic. This shows that you are committed to changing the world – together with your customers.

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5. Create an additional source of revenue through NFTs

Who says sustainable efforts need to be expensive? You can take sustainable action that will also generate an extra source of income! One of the solutions we offer at Plastiks, allows you create a unique NFT collection where a certain amount of plastic is removed from the environment for every NFT sold. And in order to stay true to our purpose to avert climate change, Plastiks have partnered with Celo, a 100% carbon neutral blockchain. Celo is offsetting all of their transactions, meaning that all our NFTs are compensated for. So by selling NFTs through Plastiks marketplace, you are creating an additional source of revenue, while at the same time taking verifiable action against plastic pollution.  

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