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Empower your business to fight plastic pollution around the globe with our verifiable plastic credits. Act today and make a meaningful impact.
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We are a green tech company that verifies the recovery and recycling of plastic waste from the environment. We provide businesses with solutions to meet their sustainability goals, while funding plastic recovery entities.

Plastic recovered:

Kilograms, the equivalent to
plastic bottles of 1.5 liters

What makes our plastic credits unique?

Unlike traditional plastic credits that are proof of recovered plastic, our Plastic Credits are a digital proof that plastic has been recovered and recycled.
And unlike other plastic credits on the market, our Plastic Credits provide 100% transparency, with all data around plastic recovered and recycled stored with blockchain technology. This means that the information is accessible to everyone.
Blockchain also allows the movement of funds to be fully traced from when plastic credits are purchased to when the funds are delivered to the recovery entity. Businesses can trust that funds are going directly into the hands of plastic recovery entities to achieve their goals, without intermediaries.

Become a sustainable business

Implement our Plastic Credits into your business and clean the planet while gaining revenue.
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Businesses purchase plastic credits or attach them to their product or service to showcase their commitment to the environment.
Plastic credits are digital certificates proving plastic recovery and recycling. Ours stand out with blockchain, ensuring full transparency.
When Plastic Credits are sold, recovery entities are paid in PLASTIK tokens, used to buy infrastructure and educate communities.
Businesses can show their environmental and social impact to customers with their unique Plastiks sustainability dashboard.

Our partners and clients

Business models with Plastic Credits

Our Plastic Credits are digital certificates that state how much plastic has been recovered, types of plastic recovered, when, where and by whom. Our plastic credits enable the following:
Combine plastic credits with every ticket. Consumers accessing events, recover plastic with every ticket purchased.
Customed Campaigns
Combine Plastic Credits with your products or services to recover plastic with every transaction.
eCommerce widget
During the checkout process, consumers have the chance to contribute to plastic waste recovery at the time of payment.
Digital Collectibles
Combine Plastic Credits with unique digital collectibles that offer special rewards.
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Creating a positive impact

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Environmental Impact
Improved recycling infrastructure.
New recycling points.
Greater recovery and recycling capabilities.
Cleaner environment.
Social Impact
Dignified working opportunities.
Empowerment of women in the workforce.
Education and workshops.
Free medical camps.
Benefits for Businesses
Achieve sustainability goals.
Easily showcase impact.
Attract new customers.
New source of revenue.
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“Profit with purpose is the driving force for a more sustainable world”
André Vanyi-Robin, Founder & CEO at Plastiks
Plastic Corporation
🇵🇪 Peru
Plastic Corporation is a company created in response to the contamination problem that exists along the Chira Valley, Peru.
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