The PLASTIK Token: Welcome to the Future of Impactful Change

In today's world, environmental challenges, especially those related to plastic pollution, require innovative solutions. The Plastik Token emerges as a beacon of hope, offering immense value to its holders and driving transformative benefits for recovery projects.
March 27, 2024
The PLASTIK Token: Welcome to the Future of Impactful Change

Plastiks is a blockchain-based platform using thenative token PLASTIK to incentivize and enable plastic recovery globally. By tracking plastic waste recovery and trading digital certificates of recovery (PRGs), Plastiks is creating a circular economy that values plastic as a resource rather than waste. In today's world, environmental challenges, especially those related to plastic pollution, require innovative solutions. The PLASTIK token emerges as a beacon of hope, offering immense value to its holders and driving transformative benefits for recovery projects. Let's dive into how this token is shaping the future.


What is PLASTIK? 

PLASTIK is the utility token at the heart of the Plastiks platform.The PLASTIK token is not just another digital currency; it is a powerful catalyst for change. It serves as our weapon of choice in the battle against plastic pollution, funding the recovery of waste from all corners of our planet. It's where innovation intersects with impact, transparency meets trust, and traceability merges with measurement. A token that turns aspirations into actions.

How Plastiks Powers Plastic Recovery  

Plastiks works with certified plastic recovery projects. When plastic is recovered, these projects submit documentation to Plastiks for verification and certification. Once certified, organizations are issued Plastic Recovery Guarantees (PRGs) on the blockchain, representing the exact amount of plastic recovered. PRGs are sold on the Plastiks marketplace at $1 per kilo of plastic recovered. 80% of each PRG sale goes to the recovery project. The remaining 20% goes to Plastiks as a verification and certification fee. Recovery projects can then convert their earned PLASTIK tokens into stablecoins by interacting with the Plastiks DeFi protocol. This provides them with liquidity for expansion. The protocol triggers automated buyback of PLASTIK tokens from the market using the stablecoin funds. This rewards holders by applying upwards pressure and removing tokens from circulation long-term. It's also important to note that as more plastic gets recovered, the value of the token increases. This means that the more people support plastic recovery and purchase PRGs, the higher the value of the token will be. This is the only token whereby its value can be increased by the action of plastic recovery.


The PLASTIK token embodies five core principles

Transparency: It's Not a Trend; It's Our Lifestyle.Transparency is a way of life at Plastiks. Transactions backed by blockchain technology provide unprecedented clarity within the waste management industry. When you transact in PLASTIK tokens, you support verifiable plastic recovery actions, fostering trust among supporters.Plastiks incentivizes waste management and plastic recovery projectsto be truthful in their reporting and operations. Recovery projects go through a strict verification process, providing annual reports that include financial, environmental, and human resources information.Fraudulent activity is actively discouraged and recovery projects that submit falsified invoices are removed from the platform.Enhancing Traceability Businesses and individuals who support plastic recovery projects can trust that their money goes directly into the hands of the recovery projects. There is no intermediary between Plastiks and the tokens reaching the recovery projects. The movement of tokens from Plastiks to the recovery projects is 100% traceable on the blockchain. Fueling Environmental & Social Impact PLASTIK tokens facilitate the funding of plastic recovery projects. When plastic recovery guarantees are bought by businesses, clubs and individuals who want to support plastic recovery, recovery projects get paid in PLASTIK tokens. Not everyone has access to a bank account in some of the underdeveloped countries where our plastic recovery projects are located. However, with Plastiks, waste pickers that don’t have access to a bank account, can get paid in PLASTIK tokens on their phone, simply through an application, such as Valora. And it’s much easier to gain access to a phone than it is to a bank account.PLASTIK tokens don’t just fuel an environmental impact, but also inspire social change, empowering women within the waste industry, teaching children about the dangers of plastic pollution, and ensuring that waste pickers are offered dignified working conditions and fair pay. One recovery project, Esperanza in India, for example, set up a free medical camp for the Safai Saathi community of waste management workers, funded by PLASTIK tokens. Utility Focused Unlike typical cryptocurrencies driven by hype, the PLASTIK token prioritizes utility. It serves as the driving force behind transparent plastic recovery, funding initiatives that clean our planet, and holding the key to legitimacy in a world plagued by greenwashing.PLASTIK is the first utility token to tackle plastic pollution. It is used to:  

  1. Purchase NFT and Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG) certificates on the Plastiks marketplace, representing a specific amount and type of recovered plastic.  
  2. Stake tokens on the Plastiks DeFi protocol. Token holders can set the minimum selling price and earn rewards, as PRGs are sold, and tokens are bought back.  
  3. Enable partnerships between plastic recovery projects, brands, businesses and clubs, and consumers who want to support plastic recovery.  
  4. As more plastic is recovered over time, the value of the PLASTIK token goes up. Holding PLASTIK long-term helps to power a growing global recovery economy. 

Innovation Plastiks is pioneering as the first Utility NFT Marketplace dedicated to combating plastic pollution. It leverages the power of blockchain technology and the PLASTIK token to ensure authenticity and transparency in Plastic Recovery Guarantees (PRGs) and waste management and recovery operations.In addition to its core principles, PLASTIK operates on the Celo blockchain, utilizing a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm that is environmentally friendly and carbon-negative, unlike the energy-intensive Proof of Work algorithms used by other platforms.

Value for Token Holders 

Holding PLASTIK tokens brings not only financial gains to holders, but intrinsic value beyond typical cryptocurrencies.

  1. Financial gain tied to plastic recovery: The token value is tied to plastic recovery. The more plastic that is recovered, the greater the value of the token. The PLASTIK token is the only token that is influenced by the action of plastic recovery and environmental impact.
  2. Funding recovery projects: At its core, the PLASTIK token acts as a financial backbone for recovery projects. It fuels the recovery of waste globally, contributing to a cleaner environment and healthier planet. When you hold PLASTIK, you're an active participant in this mission.
  3. Ensuring legitimacy and forging trust: The PLASTIK token guarantees that waste recovery projects are directly funded and that funds are used legitimately for plastic recovery purposes.Token holders can have confidence that they are in fact funding the recovery of plastic and contributing to positive change.

As we can see, holding PLASTIK tokens means you're not just seeking financial gains; but you're actively contributing to a sustainable future.


Join the Movement for Change 

The PLASTIK token is our key to a cleaner, healthier planet. By holding PLASTIK tokens, you're not just a token holder; you're a change-maker. Join us in the battle against plastic pollution and together, we'll build a plastic-free future.You can purchase PLASTIK directly and stake your tokens to earn rewards to help drive plastic recovery. Every interaction supports the platform and global environmental efforts. Learn more or get started with PLASTIK on our website at Together we can build a future with less plastic waste through the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Ready to Make an Impact? 

Where to get your PLASTIK tokens To become part of this transformative journey, acquire PLASTIK tokens on trusted platforms:

Together, we can make a tangible difference and pave the way for a plastic-free future.