Get to Know the Potential of Your PLASTIK Tokens with Staking

Learn how PLASTIK token staking works, the benefits it offers, and how you can earn rewards while supporting plastic waste recovery. Get started with flexible or long-term staking today!
July 4, 2024
Get to Know the Potential of Your PLASTIK Tokens with Staking

Making Plastic Waste Work for You

Plastic waste is a global problem that affects us all. But what if you could contribute to the solution while earning rewards? Enter the world of PLASTIK token staking. Not only does staking help combat plastic pollution, but it also allows you to earn passive income. Let's break down how you can make the most of your PLASTIK tokens with the Plastiks staking platform.


What is Staking?

In simple terms, staking is like earning interest on your savings. You lock up your PLASTIK tokens for a certain period, and in return, you earn more tokens as a reward. It's a win-win: you support the network, and you get rewarded for it.


Staking Options: Flexible and Long-term

The Plastiks staking platform offers two main types of staking:


1. Flexible Staking

Flexible staking is perfect for those who want to keep their options open. You can add or withdraw your PLASTIK tokens at any time. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) varies depending on the total amount of tokens in the pool. The more tokens staked, the higher the potential rewards.

Key Features:

  • Variable APR: The APR changes based on the pool size.
  • Flexibility: Add or withdraw tokens anytime.
  • Rewards: Earn rewards based on the amount and duration of staked tokens.

2. Long-term Staking

For those who can commit their tokens for a longer period, long-term staking offers higher guaranteed rewards.
There are two fixed-duration pools:

180 Days Pool

  • APR: 12%
  • Lock-in Period: 180 days

365 Days Pool

  • APR: 15%
  • Lock-in Period: 365 days

Key Features:

  • Fixed APR: 12% for 180 days and 15% for 365 days.
  • Guaranteed Rewards: Only if tokens remain staked for the full duration.
  • Withdrawal Penalty: No rewards if tokens are withdrawn early.

Why Stake PLASTIK Tokens?

Staking PLASTIK tokens has several benefits:

1. Earn Passive Income

Staking provides a source of passive income. You earn additional PLASTIK tokens as rewards.

2. Support the Protocol

Staking helps secure and stabilize the protocol, ensuring its health and performance.

3. Incentivize Holding

Long-term staking encourages holding tokens, which can reduce market volatility.

4. Flexible Options

With both flexible and long-term options, you can choose a strategy that fits your financial goals and risk tolerance.


How to Stake PLASTIK Tokens

  1. Visit the Staking Platform: Go to Plastiks Staking Platform.
  2. Connect Wallet: Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the platform.
  3. Choose Staking Option: Select either flexible staking or one of the long-term staking pools.
  4. Stake Tokens: Enter the amount of PLASTIK tokens you wish to stake and confirm the transaction.
  5. Earn Rewards: Start earning rewards based on your chosen staking option.

The Plastiks token staking webapp is a powerful tool for PLASTIK token holders. By offering flexible and long-term staking options, it allows you to earn rewards while supporting the Plastiks ecosystem. Whether you want flexible access to your funds or higher guaranteed returns, there's a staking option that suits your needs.


Ready to make a difference and earn rewards? Download our Whitepaper to learn more about how Plastiks is leading the charge against plastic pollution with innovative solutions. Join the movement today!